This is paint with me video, in which I show you the process of my first time trying acrylic painting. In this video, I will use my new Windsor and newton acrylic collection, which were featured in my previous unboxing haul video, to paint a simple and loose landscape.

The whole process is quite intuitive, which is simply me looking at colors and value and painting accordingly. I was struggling with mixing colors as well as applying paints onto the papers, as this is a new medium I have never experienced before. In the end, I’m happy that I gave it a try, and from there it gives me an idea of where I should focus next in my acrylic learning journey. I’m planning to have another video of me practicing mixing acrylic paints, so stay tuned for that.

At the same time, I will continue to post watercolor tutorials videos every week, subscribe to my channel, and click the notification bell so you will be notified whenever I upload new videos. Hope you enjoy this and happy painting!

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Supplies mentioned

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BLICK : is an art supply retail business, with stores across the US.

Hahnemuhle watercolor sketchbook:

Windsor and Newton acrylic paint set:

Blickrylic Gesso:

Blick Brush set:


Hahnemuhle watercolor sketchbook:

Windsor and Newton acrylic set:

Music I used: ( referral link )

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