Sketchbook tour that helps you relax and unwind with art

In this watercolor sketchbook tour, I will show you all of the watercolor paintings that I’ve done in my DIY watercolor sketchbook. Some of them have been posted on my channel as step-by-step watercolor tutorials for beginners, and also in my watercolor sketchbook diary series. The majority are watercolor loose landscape paintings and loose floral paintings. You can also find some of the seascape and urban sketches in my first attempt. Not all of the sketches are perfect, but that’s the point of having a sketchbook, to experiment and loosen up with watercolor. I hope this will inspire you to also fearlessly try out new things and embrace mistakes as we learn. So sit back, make yourself a cup of coffee, and treat this as the art therapy that will help you chill, relax after a long day.

Hope you enjoy the video!

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