Beginner gouache painting sketchbook ideas

This video is the process of me painting with gouache in my Strathmore watercolor sketchbook as a beginner. This is not a typical tutorial as you often see on my channel, but rather the process of me trying something new. I’d love to take you on my art journey where I explore and try new things, and hope this will inspire and encourage you to do the same.

As far as I experiment and learn, here are a couple of things about gouache:

  1. Gouache is a water-based painting medium just like watercolor, which means you can activate it with water
  2. It’s also known as ” opaque watercolor ”
  3. Different between gouache and watercolor is : Gouche is opaque, and watercolor is transparent
  4. You can use gouache as watercolor by mixing it with water just how you do with watercolor, and it will give you a transparent look
  5. If you want to get an opaque like acrylic, mix less water or don’t use watercolor at all
  6. Gouache can be reactivated with water just like watercolor, so if you still have a lot of paints on palette, save it for the next time use, don’t clean it off.
  7. Gouache is versatile, which allows you to work from either light to dark or dark to light.
  8. Gouache is forgiving when it comes to mistakes, you can always cover with another layer of paint since it’s opaque. This makes gouache such a great medium for beginners.

You can watch my YT video to see how I painted 2 different mini landscapes with gouache in my sketchbook to have a better understanding of how gouache works.

Below are couples of images of the paintings I’ve done in my video.

Supplies mentioned :

Holbein artist gouache set of 12 colors:

Princeton velvet touch long round size 8:

Princeton select flat shader 12:

Strathmore watercolor sketchbook soft cover:

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