How to paint watercolor sunset tutorial – step by step tutorial


  • Bee 100% cotton watercolor paper ( size of your choice )
  • Cotman by Windsor and Newton paint set
  • 2 cups of clean water
  • Princeton Snap round size 12 ( flat brush optional )


  • Mix colors directly on the paper to have a vibrant, colorful, and clean look
  • Allow yourself to change composition/colors/elements to suit your painting. You don’t have to follow 100% the photo reference. Here you can tell that I made a change to my painting. I moved one of the pine trees to the further right so that we can have a view of the sun, which is the focal point and will attract the viewers into the painting.
  • Add lights and shadows to create depth.
  • Loosen up. be yourself, feel free to experiment with new colors, new techniques, new brush strokes.
  • Art is a form of self-expression. Don’t box yourself in certain standards or rules.

Happy painting !

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Bee Paper 100% cotton cold press:

Winsor & Newton Cotman Water Colour Paint, Set of 12, 8ml Tubes:

Canson XL:

Princeton snap round size 12:

Princeton flat shader 12:

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